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Time to Tell

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Time to Tell
Time to Tell
Time to Tell

Time to Tell is a fun way to learn to tell time. This game takes advantage of the fact that kids love learning through the context of a story!

Your child will create a silly story based on the time determined by spinning the spinner on the special clock face. He draws the hands on the dry/wet erase clock card to match the time spun. After repeating this for four clock cards, he lays the cards out in the order the events would have occurred throughout the day and then reads the story out loud.

Meaningful repetition is a key to mastering learning how to tell time. After completing this activity, he will have practiced telling time on the four different clock cards. He was learning and thought he was just having fun!

This game provides practice in learning:

  • to tell time
  • sequencing events
  • about 24-hour time, i.e., military time
  • about fractions of an hour

You can purchase the Time to Tell game as a digital download or already printed. (The printed version includes a geared clock.)

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