Narration Exchange

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Narration Exchange

 Looking for a fun new place to visit on your next field trip or digital field trip?

Wish you had a way for your students to submit a review of locations you study for geography but don't want them leaving reviews on public sites?

The Narration Exchange solves both of these problems.

I wanted a way for my children to narrate what they learned about their geography studies so I created this database for them to enter a trip review. 

This unique database will allow them to enter a review of a field trip or digital field trip, just like other trip review sites. Except their reviews will not be available to the public in this protected environment. Some of the entries are for places we have actually visited and others are for places we explored through a digital field trip. 

Plus, when you want to find a new destination for your next field trip or virtual field, you can search the database. Read what other students have to say about places around the world.

This is a free resource, but creating an account is required to access it.

Your children's homeschool geography narrations are about to become more interesting and fun!

Names and emails are not displayed in the searchable database so you can feel safe that your contact information will remain private.

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