Math Facts Game Set

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The Math Facts Game Set can be used as a stand alone set of games to teach the addition and multiplication facts or can be used as a supplement to any math program.

It is designed for grades 1-6 and includes:

  • Coin Change-Up
  • Pennies to Nickels
  • 6 Tens
  • More-Less Spinner

Coin Change-Up

Coin Change-Up is a multi-level game that can grow with a student as he matures in mathematical proficiency.

It provides practice in:

  • learning about a base 10 number system.
  • learning about the US monetary system.
  • addition facts.
  • visually seeing the borrowing process for subtraction.
  • odd and even.
  • visually seeing multiplication as proportions.
  • multiplication facts.
  • visually seeing division as dividing a number into equal groups.

Pennies to Nickels

Pennies to Nickels helps a student learn how to break numbers down into their component parts.

It provides practice in:

  • learning the value of U.S. coins.
  • trading for coins of equal value.
  • addition facts.
  • partitioning numbers into their component parts.
  • critical thinking skills and strategy development.

Six Tens Card Set

Six Tens is a fun card game that helps students learn basic math skills, practice addition and multiplication facts, and see numbers as patterns. 

It provides practice in:

  • learning about a base 10 number system.
  • addition facts.
  • multiplication facts.
  • learning to partition the number ten.

It utilizes a special deck of playing cards with pictures of pennies and empty circles to help students visualize the number and how many more are needed to equal ten.

See how the Six Tens card deck is different from a regular set of cards.

More-Less Spinner

Also included is the More-Less Spinner, which reinforces understanding of the concepts of more, less, greater than, and less than. It is used in several of the games.