Math Facts and More

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Math Facts and More

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Learn how to enhance your child’s understanding of math concepts with hands-on learning, math language, and literature.

Who would benefit from Math Facts and More?

  • You have an elementary age child who needs to master his math facts.
  • You want your child to have fewer frustrations and a better understanding of the math facts.

Why Math Facts and More?

Math is more than equations in a textbook. It is an integral part of our daily lives. Learning the math facts is important. If you approach this aspect of your child’s math education with a three-step approach, you can bring math to life for your student. You can make math interesting and relevant to his daily life while enhancing his skill mastery and understanding.

When my daughter was in first grade, we were sitting at the kitchen table working on a math lesson. Based on our discussion during the lesson, I knew she understood the material. I gave her the worksheet for that lesson and she could not complete it. She went blank. Recognizing that there was a disconnect, I took the worksheet back from her and asked her to jump on the mini trampoline. As she jumped I read aloud the problems on the worksheet. She was able to answer every problem quickly and correctly.

After this experience, I removed flashcards and worksheets and found ways to incorporate more manipulatives, hands-on learning, and movement into her math lessons. I found creative ways for her to have meaningful repetition.

Math became fun for all of us. We all learned strategies that helped us solve math problems. I started incorporating math language, which increased our understanding and helped us apply math to our daily lives. We read living math literature and were able to see math in action. Math was no longer something we learned from a textbook during school time. Math became a part of our lives.

With Math Facts and More you will...

  • breathe life back into your child’s math lessons.
  • improve his skill mastery.
  • enhance his understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • feel empowered to take advantage of natural learning opportunities.

Your child will...

  • learn and master the math facts without boring repetition.
  • feel successful.

What is included in Math Facts and More Online Course?

Each day of this five-day course will focus on a different foundational principle for mathematical studies. We will discuss:

  • living in the world of mathematics.
  • why manipulatives are important for students of all ages and how to incorporate them into your student’s studies, as well as how to store them.
  • fun and creative strategies and activities to practice math facts without worksheets or flashcards.
  • how to add math language to your daily conversations to make math more relevant.
  • how to utilize math literature to add relevance and understanding.

You can choose your preferred learning method to get the most out of this course: video lessons, a PDF transcript, or MP3 audio files if you learn best by listening, or want to refresh your memory later.

Each module also includes:

  • A Quick Reference Guide so you can refresh your memory of what you learned.
  • Making it Yours pages to help you implement what you learned and transform your homeschool.
  • Bonus handouts related to the module's content that enhance what you learned and provide practical tips for implementation.
  • Plus, some modules include additional videos to help you implement the strategies and suggestions presented in the lesson. There are more than 15 bonus resources in all.

Make math enjoyable

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