Hand Clapping Fun

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Hand Clapping Fun

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Help your child improve his physical, mental, and social skills while having fun!

Do you remember playing hand clapping games on the playground as a child, but do not remember the rhymes or clapping patterns?

Do you lack the time to research hand clapping games and find appropriate videos that teach them?

Do you wonder how to modify hand clapping games for different skill levels?

Hand Clapping Fun was created for parents and grandparents of elementary aged children to help you teach clapping games to the next generation.

Why Hand Clapping Fun?

When I first started teaching hand clapping games to my children, I spent a lot of time searching YouTube and the Internet for different games. We have had a blast learning new clapping games and building brain connections. I am excited to present what we have learned in Hand Clapping Fun!

With this product you will

Save Time

It can be time consuming to find quality videos demonstrating the rhymes and clapping games. (And sadly not all of the videos you find will be appropriate for children.) Hand Clapping Fun is a collection of 20 hand clapping games and rhymes compiled into one convenient place.

Enjoy organized and appropriate content

How do you know which rhymes to introduce first and which ones are appropriate in skill level and content? Hand Clapping Fun breaks the rhymes into three skill levels. And all of the rhymes are modest and stay away from questionable content.

Discover helpful teaching tips

What do you do if your child is having difficulty learning the rhymes? An introductory section includes information for parents, such as detailed benefits of clapping games and how to modify them for different skill levels.

Make learning easy and fun

It is frustrating to have only the words to a rhyme or just a video to watch. Neither on its own is sufficient to learn clapping games easily. Each game is demonstrated by children in a short video where you can clearly see their hand motions. Each game also includes a PDF download ready for printing comprised of the full text of the rhyme, a clapping term glossary, and the rhyme written with easy to understand clapping instructions.

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