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Teacher Resources Bundle

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Teacher Resources Bundle

This bundle of teacher resources will inspire you to spread a feast of learning before your child as well as provide practical tools to help you in the journey.

Included in this bundle:

  • Five Principles That Have Most Impacted My Homeschool MP3
  • Narration Jar
  • Stepping Into Self-Education Summer Learning Program

Five Principles That Have Most Impacted My Homeschool MP3

Are Charlotte Mason's principles as relevant today as they were when she implemented them in her schools in the early 1900’s? In this workshop, we will explore how five of Ms. Mason's principles have impacted my homeschool. These principles can guide and shape not only your homeschool but your relationships and home atmosphere as well. Whether you are curious about the Charlotte Mason method or are ready to start implementing it, you will learn some simple and practical suggestions of how you can breathe life into your homeschool.

You will receive an MP3 of this live workshop plus handouts to help you implement what you learn.

Narration Jar

A narration jar is a great way to add variety to your student's narrations. This PDF includes:

  • 135 narration ideas sorted by subject, age level, and time required to complete
  • Suggestions that apply to most subjects as well as specific suggestions for math, science and nature, composer study, and picture study
  • Includes 20 suggestions specific to traveling
  • 38 printable cards for primary-aged students
  • 9-page list for teacher reference of all 135 suggestions

Stepping Into Self-Education Summer Learning Program

Summer is an excellent opportunity to encourage your children to take an active role in their education. 

The Stepping Into Self-Education Summer Learning Program provides step-by-step instructions to help you implement a summer learning program in your home for children of all ages.

This summer learning program requires very little prep work on your part. You will not spend hours making plans that get tossed to the side. After discussing and brainstorming what your child wants to learn over the summer, fill out and print the editable checklists and reading log.

Also included are helpful tips for brainstorming and providing accountability as your child takes the first steps toward assuming responsibility for his education.

This step-by-step guide will teach you how to...

  • Create an atmosphere that promotes self-education
  • Implement a self-education program
  • Provide encouragement and accountability for your child

Plus! You will receive the following editable forms:

  • Goals For Our Summer Learning
  • Curiosity List
  • Blank schedule page
  • My Summer Learning Plan
  • Reading Log

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