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Geography Bundle

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Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle
Geography Bundle

Bring geography studies to life with this geography bundle.

Save 25% when compared to purchasing all items individually.

Included in this bundle are:

  • A Panoramic View of Geography
  • Geography Field Guide
  • Map Drill Labels PDF
  • Geography: The World Is Your Classroom Workshop MP3

A Panoramic View of Geography

A Panoramic View of Geography: Geography Studies for a Charlotte Mason Homeschool teaches you how to incorporate Charlotte Mason’s principles into your geography studies and how to inspire your child to learn about other cultures and places.

About the Book:

Each chapter examines a different aspect of geography studies including:

  • why studying geography is important.
  • how to study geography with preschool-aged children.
  • how to create a global atmosphere in your home.
  • the benefits of a geography walk.
  • how to learn about places in a way that is vivid and alive.
  • helping your child master map and navigation skills.
  • incorporating current events in an age-appropriate way.

Bonus Digital Downloads

Both the print and digital versions include these additional resources as a digital download:

  • Bookmark of geography narration ideas
  • Bookmark of ideas to incorporate maps with literature readings
  • Panoramic Travel Log Book
  • Suggestions for using narration with geography studies
  • Directions for planning a digital field trip
  • Virtual trip planning checklist
  • Planning pages to plan geography studies for any location
  • Sample schedule of geography studies
  • Suggestions for using technology to enrich geography studies.
  • Living geography booklist with over 100 book suggestions for all ages

Geography Field Guide

When reading a book or taking a nature walk you can look up trees, flowers, or birds that you see but do not know in a field guide.

Now you can do the same for geographical features!

About the Geography Field Guide

  • 112 geographical terms defined
  • Clear and simple visual in context
  • Available as a printed book or an e-book

Printed Book

  • Laminated pages to protect them from the elements
  • 5” x 7” size is perfect for a backpack
  • Spiral-bound so it opens flat


  • Works great on a tablet or smartphone!


Learn what activities you can do on a geography walk so you bring geography to life!

Map Drill Labels PDF

Want to spice up your child's geography lessons?

Map drill labels help you add variety to his studies! In addition to placing the label on the country/state, your child can play a matching or memory game as he learns about the countries.

Plus, they are great for younger children for whom writing the names of the states or countries can be overwhelming. Instead of having your child write the name of the country, have him lay the map label on top of the map.

PDF Download Includes:

  • Labels for US States
  • Labels for all countries by region
  • Labels with country flag
  • Pages for matching and memory games

Geography: The World Is Your Classroom Workshop MP3

Our world seems to be shrinking every day. We hear of news happening on the other side of the world as it happens. We can hop on the Internet and see pictures of friends in other countries. Learn how you can take advantage of this digital age and incorporate a global perspective to simplify your geography studies. Whether you supplement your current geography studies with these practical suggestions or use them to plan your geography studies, your children will be inspired to have a panoramic view of the world as they learn about other cultures and places.

You will receive an MP3 of this live workshop.

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