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Pennies to Nickels

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Pennies to Nickels
Pennies to Nickels

Pennies to Nickels is a fun game that helps a student learn how to break numbers down into their component parts. As they seek to put pennies on a number they practice the math facts. And because only nickels count for points at the end of the game they employ critical thinking and strategy to determine which number to place their pennies on so they can trade up for a nickel before their pennies are wiped off the board.

It provides practice in:

  • learning the value of U.S. coins.
  • trading for coins of equal value.
  • addition facts.
  • partitioning numbers into their component parts.
  • critical thinking skills and strategy development.

This product is available in a print or digital version.

This product is also included in the Math Facts Game Set.

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